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why tesler

The system monitors data sets of global crypto markets around the clock, identifying their models. Thanks to this, everyone can automatically get shares of the 7.8 trillion dollars that are traded daily.

Tesler is a brand-new trading platform that makes use of technology and artificial intelligence. It was created by a person who goes by the name Steven Abrahams. He is said to be a former successful Wall Street trader.

The Tesler app was developed for those who were interested in the financial markets but were unfamiliar with trading and investment. The official website of Tesler promises to offer an unprecedented level of safety and transparency as well as the best conditions for earning.

How does Tesler Work?

The main idea of the Tesler principle is that markets are not random and there is a certain scientific way to predict their movements. The algorithm of Tesler software allegedly analyses more than 3 million variables in real-time and predicts how the market is about to move.

Before the trade is placed, the software computes a huge amount of market date data for the last 60 minutes. Among the analyzed variables is the percentage of change in the value of major indices, gold, top 10 currencies against the dollar, and so on. The software also takes into account all the latest news on such websites as CNN, Bloomberg, and the BBC and looks for certain trigger words that could signify spontaneous market reaction. And all these take place in just an 8/100 of a second.

After the successful trade, the software calculates the likelihood that the pattern will repeat again. And if the probability reaches 93%, it executes a new trade on behalf of the trader and generates profits. They call this pattern that led up to the trade “The Lead Pattern”. The Lead Pattern is one of the most important things that Tesler looks for. It believes that once a Lead Pattern emerges, it will keep on repeating itself until the market conditions change.

Tesler App Features

The most noteworthy feature of the Tesler software is its alleged ability to help traders achieve a win rate of up to 97 percent, which means that out of 100 trades, 97 will be successful. This is pretty amazing considering that most trading bots have a success rate of 50% to 60%. Apart from the high success rate, another great thing about Tesler is that it is absolutely free and requires very little investment.

Some of the key features that make Tesler Trading stand out are:

  • The platform uses an AI algorithm to keep an eye on the price of hundreds of stocks and make trades for you.
  • The platform is completely automated which means that you can trade on the market and earn a profit while keeping your day job.
  • The platform does not require any previous experience or knowledge in trading to use it and make a profit.
  • All new traders need to do is register an account for free.

Other features and benefits of the Tesler app are that it is available to use on both laptop computers and mobile devices. The app is also said to have a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for even those who are not familiar with trading to get started and be successful with the Tesler software.

The Tesler App, according to Stephen Abrahams, is completely free. Tesler will nonetheless charge a nominal 0.5 percent commission ($50 for every $10,000 in profits) following the first 41 days of use.

01/14/2021 09:28 am

Drugmakers Jump

Pharmaceutical stocks and bonds were among the day’s biggest winners today, Tesler pounces...
01/13/2021 09:28 am

Unexpected Election Outcome

Here’s one way to sum up how Tesler made a killing for its members following the U.S. presidential election: Investors didn’t do what they were expected to do after American voters didn’t do what they were expected to do. Tesler Members made huge windfall profits!!!
01/13/2021 07:58 am

How to Play the Nasdaq

Tesler analyzes Nasdaq "Lead Patterns" after Kevin Kelly discusses the recent performance of stocks and his options strategy for the Nasdaq 100 Index. Tesler Members make big bank (Source: Bloomburg Press)